Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It's been a while, hasn't it? Ha ha. Well, things are going great as far as my Reliv experience is concerned.

Last year, instead of getting a sinus infection with the change of every season (4x a year), I got sick just ONCE, in November, and it was nothing more than a regular cold. You could not imagine how excited I was to not have the severe sinus infection symptoms I was so used to getting! I didn't even get a fever!

Also, I got into two more car accidents in 2007, after the big one in 2006 and guess what?! I am STILL pain-free! In one of the accidents I rear-ended some guy; not too major but enough to cause some damage to his car. In the other I was rear-ended again, shortly after the second accident, and although for the first two days I had headaches and some back pain, they subsided by the third day and are completely gone now. Who would have thought that after so much trauma from the first accident that I would continue to be pain-free, even after two more accidents?!

Reliv is so amazing, it's hard to explain how valuable it really is. We can hardly put it into words, and that's why we encourage people to try it for themselves. What good are words when you can have first-hand experience, risk free?!

What about the yeast issues in my body? When I take my shakes faithfully and correctly, I am symptom-free. When I don't, when I skip a few, I start to notice the same feeling in my body as before coming back. It's low-key comparatively, but it's still there. Then I get back on track with my shakes and I'm back to feeling great. So, as you can see, there's no reason to stop taking in great nutrition. The body needs it to do its job and keep the body healthy and in good working condition.

What about the tachycardia? 99% better folks. There is nothing like Reliv for giving the body the tools it needs to repair itself! Anxiety attacks? Non-existant. When I do get tachycardia it is so mild that I can barely feel it, let alone have it cause an anxiety attack. I have never felt such relief as to know that I can live without the symptoms of this condition.

When I look back and think upon what my body used to feel and how I used to live, it's almost unimaginable. And then I remember that there are people out there who have it SO MUCH HARDER than I ever did, even on my worst days. So how can I not tell people about this amazing company? How I can be selfish enough to keep it inside and not share with the world? How could I pretend like I don't have something that could help so many others?

I can't.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Reliv Story

As of May 24, 2007:

Hi, my name is B---------. I am the information coordinator for the ------------- and I’m from Corvallis, Oregon . For about a year before Relìv I was experiencing anxiety attacks and was recently diagnosed with excessive heartbeats and tachycardia. Stress had led to the rapid heartbeats, which had led to my anxiety attacks. I cut caffeine out of my diet and tried to keep myself from stressing out whenever possible and that helped a little, but they still happened. It’s been six months since I started Relìv and I haven’t had one anxiety attack, and my tachycardia is approximately 95% better. Other results I have seen with Relìv include rapid healing in my back after a car accident in October, the disappearance of certain female infections which had plagued me on a monthly basis for three years, better sleep and increased overall energy.

How's that for an incredible product? How's that for a healthy body finally?!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reliv Distributor!

I just became a Reliv Distributor! More later...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Reliv #6

In the past few months I've noticed that my everyday, day-to-day health hasn't changed much, except for a few big things for me. No more female infections or UTIs definitely make a big difference for me. It's all worth it just to not have those two things in my life anymore.

I have been exploring the possibility of joining Reliv from the business aspect of it. The husband and I have talked about it for a while and we think it just might be a good thing for me. We had rejected the idea a couple months ago, being weary of all MLMs but because I can see myself talking about the product with people I come in contact with on a day-to-day basis, I think it would work. That - plus I would get my Reliv for much cheaper.

We're definitely leaning that way. We'll see.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reliv #5

I still have some of the cold symptoms; runny nose and every once in a while a cough & scratchy throat. Nothing at all compared to the first weekend, but still noticeable. For some reason my nails look like they're just luminous. I've never seen my nails so shiny before. Could I be imagining it?

The husband has started to take the shakes. He started off by asking for a sip of mine every once in a while. He's now up to approximately a shake a day, with just one scoop. He seems to think that's just fine. He really hates the way the innergize tastes so he doesn't put in any innergize (that I know of) in his shakes. This time around I've ordered the orange-flavored innergize to mix with some orange juice. Hopefully this isn't a mistake. I don't mind the gatorade taste in my shakes (it all kind of blends in) but I want him to drink something he likes.

Yesterday after my workout I noticed that the pain in my lower back has come back. I still feel it today but hopefully it won't last long. I guess I worked it too hard...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Reliv #4

Last Wednesday (5 days ago) I ran out of Reliv. I didn't have any back up and I was concerned that I had gone through a whole can of it in two weeks. I called Denise and she said she would send one right up to me by mail, but in the mean time I was without Reliv. I went a day and a half without it and I could feel the difference in my energy levels. I wasn't feeling quite as energized and then on Friday I woke up with a scratchy throat. Even though I got to take my Reliv on Friday night, I still got sick. I have been all weekend with a scratchy throat, hardly any voice and fairly congested.

I wonder if this would have been much worse had I not had the Reliv at all. I wonder if I would have a fever and other more severe sinus-infection type symptoms as I have in the past.

This time I'm puting much smaller sized scoops (although still the same number of scoops) in each serving in hopes that I'll make this can stretch a little further. If I can go three weeks per can that would be good. They are a little spendy, afterall.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reliv #3

I'm still going through a detox stage. The effects are merely uncomfortable at this time but they are becoming fewer and fewer, which is a good thing. I want to start feeling more benefits already, one of them for sure the increase in energy.

I've learned that I don't like taking Reliv in water and that taking the Now and the Innergize seperately is too much of a hassle although it enhances the flavor a touch. I guess for others who may have more time it would be fine but I find that I don't have quite that much more time in the morning before work, so it's just that much easier to put everything in the shaker and shake it all up while I'm driving to work. Light Vanilla soy milk works really well, in my opinion.

I should probably mention this, although I'm not sure if it's Reliv or just an effect of drinking these shakes twice a day: I think I'm eating less. It makes sense that if you're drinking these before meals that they would help curb hunger, but it could also be that I just don't need that much more food if I'm already getting the nutrients and vitamins I need from Reliv. But I don't really know. I do think it's good though. I like the idea that I may lose a little extra weight while getting healthier. ^_^

I'm done with the weekly calls for now, which is kind of nice. I tend to like my time at night and these calls were at around 9pm (in consideration for cell phone minutes). Besides, I think it's a little lame that I have to hear a new story every time they call. I get it, the products are good... I get it. I'm just more interested in seeing what they do for me. Selfish? Maybe. But for $60 a mo. approximately I don't feel bad for being a little selfish.